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Majorcan Bulldog Breed Description

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Breed Organization

United Kennel Club (UKC)

Native Country
Baleraic island of Majorca, Spain

Other Names
Mallorquin Bulldog, Perro de Presa Mallorquin, Mallorquin Mastiff, Perro Dogo Mallorquin, Majorca Mastiff, Ca de Bou

Life Expectancy
Approximately 10 - 12 years

Litter Size
No Information Available

Breed Group
No Information Available

General Description

Mallorquin Bulldog or Perro de presa mallorquin is a typical Molossian of somewhat elongated build, strong and powerful, of medium size. The difference between the sexes is apparent in the head, whose circumference is definitely greater in dogs than in bitches. The Perro de Presa Mallorquin was almost extinct after World War II, and the few remaining dogs were crossed with Ca de Bestiar, English Bulldog and perhaps Perro de Toro.

Breed Standard

Head: Massive. Broad, square skull. Broad, flat forehead. Deep stop. Broad muzzle. Very strong, bulging jaw muscles.
Ears: Short and thin. Set on high. Rose ears folded back exposing the burr.
Eyes: Large, bulging slightly and slightly out of round. Very dark color.
Body: Massive. Long, very powerful neck. Deep, cylindrical chest. Short loin and flanks. Belly drawn up. Croup slightly higher than the withers.
Tail: Strong at the base and tapering to a point reaching the hocks.
Hair: Short, harsh, smooth, lying close to the skin.
Coat: Fawn, brindle, dark striped with white markings.
Size: 56 to 58 cm. (22-23 in).
Weight: Approx. 40 kg. (88 lb).


Originating on the island of Majorca, the Mallorquin Bulldog was developed for bull-baiting and dog-fighting, like the English Bulldog. When this practice came to an end, the very existence of the Mallorquin Bulldog came into question. The breed was saved by Spanish breeders, but is still very rare.

In the nineties, other nations took interest in the breed. In Poland and Russia they found a lot of success. There were rumours of more than 2,000 Mallorquin Bulldogs in Moscow. There are only around 250 in Spain. The race is well-appreciated for its function in Puerto Rico, where the Champion Chimo was sent to and other famous Spanish Mallorquin Bulldogs. Other nations, including France, Holland, Denmark, Finland and Sweden, also have breeders but not many, and the breed is pretty well unknown. In the 21st century, the Mallorquin Bulldog's future looks good. There is a bigger interest in the breed, with other names such as Mallorquin Mastiff, and thanks to the Internet, a closer link between Mallorquin Bulldog owners, breeders and passionate people, who love this breed. The increased interest carries with it potential pitfalls, however, as with the rapid development of other breeds when breeders try to match increased demand.


This extremely courageous, independent dog has a combative personality. This breed must receive strict training.

This breed needs space and a lot of exercise. Regular brushing is required.


Guard and Defense Dog


No Information Available

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