The Furry Critter Network

What can we do to help...

Thank you for taking the time to review the animals. We hope you have found the site to be both educational and engaging. The purpose is to educate both young and old to the types and behavioral characteristics of the pets that you potentially may invite into your family.

I personally have been involved in rescuing horses and dogs for a long time and grew to realize that most pets, in shelters or rescue situations, are there for several common reasons:

- wrong expectations (breed of animal) from the owners involved
- inadequate housing or environment
- inadequate funds to support the animal
- lack of proper respect for the animal involved
- lack of common sense in relationships with animals in general

It is incumbant on everyone involved to understand all the intricacies when bringing an animal into your home. It should be a lifelong commitment (for the animal). While it is only part of your existance it is for the entire existance of most animals. Please keep that first in your priorities in regards to the pet you choose.

While it is not my intent to sound harsh or judgemental, it's all about the animals who innocently enter into these situations and become victims from the people that are supposed to care for them the most. It is my intent to provide a space for you to do your research before you commit.

I look forward to hearing from you should the need arise in any area which I may be of assistance. Again, thank you very much for your time.

Matt Bryant
The Furry Critter Network