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Canadian Warmblood

Canadian Warmblood

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Breed Organization
The Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association CWHBA
Website: http://www.canadianwarmbloods.com
Native Country
Other Names
Average Height
14h - 16h
Adult Weight
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Rider Experience Level
Intermediate and above.
Breed Description
These horses have a clearly cut head, broad and deep chest, well muscled fore- and hindquarters and well-balanced body. Most frequently, these horses come in black, but also occur in dark brown, bay or chestnut. The mane and the tail are dense and wavy. They stand 14 to 16 hands tall at the withers, and they show a well-proportioned body, good setting of limbs, high quality of bones, and good feet.

Bred throughout Europe for over 200 hundred years, the Warmblood horse's pedigree has been recorded regionally since the times of Monarchies and Dukedoms. Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Belgium, to name a few, all have Warmblood breeding programs. Today's Warmblood has evolved from the farm/military horse of the 19th century.

Dominant in the Olympic Equestrian Disciplines, Warmblood horses combine the athleticism of the Thoroughbred with the movement, substance, power, and trainability of the early military horse.

The CWHBA breeding aim is to produce a well bred Warmblood horse, correct in conformation and with good performance. A horse which, on the basis of its temperament, character, and rideability is suitable for Olympic or related Equestrian sports.

Members of the European Economic Community have reached an agreement which gives reciprocal recognition of pedigree from country to country and yet retains the autonomous control of the registration by each countries' breeder society. It follows that Canada can and should do the same.

They are docile, intelligent, restrained and sociable.

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