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Truffle Dog

Truffle Dog

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Breed Organization
Lagotto Club of America
Native Country
Other Names
Romagna Water Dog, Lagotto, Water Dog of Romanga, Lagotto Romagnolo
Life Expectancy
Approximately 15-17 Years
Litter Size
No Information Available
Breed Group
AKC Miscellaneous
Breed Appearance
The Lagotto can have large round eyes in any shade color ranging from dark yellow to dark brown. Their wooly waterproof coat is very thick and curly. Solid colors include off-white, white, or brown. They can also be found white with brown or orange patches or roan. It is a medium-sized dog that is low-shedding. A Lagotto often displays white markings that grow out in adult status.

Breed Description
Head: Moderately large. Skull broad, longer than the muzzle, slightly domed. Pronounced brow bones. Straight nosebridge. Strong jaws. Flat cheeks. Large nose.
Ears: Medium-sized, triangular, rounded at the tips, pendulous.
Eyes: Fairly large, rounded. Dark brown or a shade of ocher or hazel, depending on coat color.
Body: Compact, strong. Strong, muscular, cleanly cut neck. Prominent withers. Well-developed chest. Short, very solid loin. Straight, very muscular back. Long, broad, slightly sloping croup.
Tail: Tapering toward the tip. At rest, carried in saber fashion. In action, carried much higher.
Hair: Dense, curly, woolly, forming very tight ringlets. Curls distributed over the entire body except the head, where the hair forms eyebrows, a mustache, and a thick beard. Waterproof topcoat and undercoat. If the coat is not clipped, it tends to become matted.
Coat: Solid white, white with brown or orange markings, roan brown, solid brown (any shade), solid orange.
Size: Dog: 43 to 48 cm. (17-19 in).Bitch: 41 to 46 cm. (16-18 in).
Weight: Dog: 13 to 16 kg. (28.5-35 lb).Bitch: 11 to 14 kg. (24.5-31 lb).

The Romagna Water Dog is an old breed of waterfowl retriever from the lowlands of Comacchio and the swamps of Ravenna. Over the centuries, the large swamps were drained. Subsequently, the Romagna Water Dog became an excellent truffle hunter, used in the plains and hills of Romagna. The breed was recognized by the FCI in 1995.

The Romagna Water Dog has lost his hunting instinct but retains his very keen nose, making him highly effective at finding truffles. With his vigilance and tendency to bark, he makes a good watchdog. Docile, affectionate, and very attached to his owner, he is a good pet. He needs firm training.

Lagotto puppies have been crucial in research into epilepsy. In July 2011, researchers in Finland reported the discovery of a mutation in a gene called Lgi2 that may be a new candidate gene for human benign childhood epilepsy. Lgi2 is the first gene that can be linked directly to the remission that sufferers experience after the age of ten. Lagotto breeders are now using a genetic test to screen for this mutation. Through thousands of years of adaptation and survival in the Romagnolo Mountains of Italy, the Truffle Dog Breed of Dog has survived by eliminating health issues by natural selection. The onus is now on Breeders to ensure this pure ancient breed retains these naturally surviving good health standards. Globally, Truffle Dog has begun its revival as a pure, ancient, gentle, non-shedding waterdog.

He needs space and exercise. To prevent matting, he must be clipped completely at least once a year.

Truffle-Hunting Dog, Companion Dog.

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