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Spanish Hound

Spanish Hound

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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club
Native Country
Other Names
Sabueso Espanol
Life Expectancy
Approximately 12-14 Years
Litter Size
Average 4-6 Puppies
Breed Group
FCI Scenthounds
Breed Appearance
The Spanish Hound is a medium-sized dog, with a body that is longer than it is tall. It has very long ears similar to other hound breeds bred for tracking scent; the ears when stretched out should reach past the tip of the nose and commonly twirl away from the head in a slight corkscrew. The legs and feet that are compact, but strong, similar to the Beagle. The eyes should be amber, with a dignified, baleful expression. The tale should be tapering and whip-like, often with a white splash of fur at the tip. Typically the coat should be smooth, short, and glossy; it should have a white base with any combination of lemon, orange, or red-brown patches painted on it without any mottling or merle patterning, like a Paint Horse. The overall temperament is gentle and easy going, but relentless in tracking and brave when faced with a large animal like a male boar.

Breed Description
Head: Long. Domed skull. Wrinkled forehead. Long, slightly domed muzzle. Thin lips.
Ears: Very long, thin, and supple.
Eyes: Brown. Well-pigmented eyelids.
Body: Powerful, long. Strong neck with dewlap. Broad, deep chest. Well-arched ribs. Loin fairly short. Tuck-up. Straight back.
Tail: Thick. Hanging down at rest.
Hair: Short, fine, and glossy.
Coat: Great Spanish Hound: white with large, rounded orange or black spots of varying intensity.- Small Spanish Hound: white with red or black spots, sometimes large enough to completely cover the body except for the neck, muzzle, chest, and lower legs.
Size: Great Spanish Hound: dog: 51 to 56 cm (20-22 in) ; bitch: 49 to 52 cm. (19-20.5 in).- Small Spanish Hound: dog: under 51 cm (20 in) ; bitch: under 49 cm. (19 in).
Weight: Great Spanish Hound: approx. 25 kg. (55 lb).- Small Spanish Hound: approx. 20 kg. (44 lb).

This shorthaired, medium-sized hound is an ancient breed indigenous to Spain. It comes in two varieties:- The Great Spanish Hound (tipo grande); and- The Small or Lightweight Spanish Hound (tipo ligero).He is known for hunting hare but works on all sorts of quarry.

The lively, even-tempered Spanish Hound has considerable stamina. He is independent and stubborn. Though loyal and affectionate, he is not really a companion dog. He needs firm training.

A Spanish Hound's ears though would need to be thoroughly cleaned especially if the dog has been hunted. The pendulous ears that remain moist would be a good place for bacteria and parasites to thrive.

He needs space and lots of exercise and requires regular brushing.

Hunting Dog, Utility Dog: police dog and watchdog.

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