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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club
Native Country
Other Names
Hollandse Smoushound, Hollandse Smoushondje, Smoushond, Dutch Smoushond
Life Expectancy
Approximately 12-15 Years
Litter Size
Average 4-6 Puppies
Breed Group
Pinscher and Schnauzer - FCI
Breed Appearance
The Dutch Smoushond is small in size, its waterproof coat is rough and shaggy, and of any shade of yellow color. The characteristic shape of the head is broad and short, with drop ears set high on the head.

Breed Description
Head: Short and broad. Domed skull. Distinct stop. Moderately short jaws. Fine lips.
Ears: Small, fine, set on high, falling forward along the cheeks.
Eyes: Large, round. Dark color. Dark rims.
Body: Sturdy. Short neck. Broad chest. Well sprung ribs. Muscular croup. Belly very slightly drawn up. Straight, broad back.
Tail: Natural or cropped to one third of its length. If natural, relatively short length, carried gaily.
Hair: Body: 4 to 7 cm (1,5 to 3 in) long; harsh, straight, slightly shaggy, not wavy or curly; adequate undercoat. Legs: medium length. Tail: bushy, without feathering. Head: short on the skull and long on the cheeks; mustaches, beard and long eyebrows.
Coat: Any shade of solid yellow. Preferably dark straw color. Ears, mustaches, beard and eyebrows are darker than the rest of the coat.
Size: Dog: 37 to 42 cm (14,5-16,5 in).Bitch: 35 to 40,5 cm (14-16 in).
Weight: 9 to 10 kg (20-22 lb).

The Smoushondje, which means dog of the Jews in Dutch, were very common in the Netherlands in the past. The Dutch Smoushond was considered a stable dog. He kept the stable clear of rats and accompanied horses and drivers.

This affectionate, cheerful, well-balanced dog makes an excellent family pet.

No known health problems.

Weekly brushing is required.


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