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Slovakian Hound

Slovakian Hound

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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club
Native Country
Slovak Republic
Other Names
Slovensky Kopov, Sabueso Eslovaco, Slowakischer Laufhund, Chien Courant Slovaque, Black Forest Hound
Life Expectancy
No Information Available
Litter Size
No Information Available
Breed Group
FCI Scenthounds
Breed Appearance
The Slovakian Hound is a typical hunting hound in appearance, with a muscular body, long legs, a long tail, and long drop ears. The short coat is always black in color, with tan markings (black and tan). The breed is more heavily built than the similarly marked American Black and Tan Coonhound, but is more lightly built than the otherwise similar Ogar Polski, the more strongly built hound from Poland. The eyes are always dark, deep-set, and have a look of livliness and courage.

Breed Description
Head: Slightly domed skull. Pronounced brow bones and frontal furrow. Straight, long nosebridge. Tight-lipped.
Ears: Moderately long, rounded at the tip, lying flat against the head.
Eyes: Almond-shaped, dark. Eyelids edged with black.
Body: Longer than it is tall. Short, muscular neck without dewlap. Wide brisket. Broad, long chest. Curved ribs. Fairly broad, solid loin. Moderate tuck-up. Straight, moderately long back. Moderately wide, rounded croup.
Tail: Set on low, tapering to a point. Hanging at rest. Carried curved in saber fashion in action.
Hair: 2 to 5 cm long, moderately thick, lying flat, dense. Longer on the back, neck, and tail. Dense undercoat.
Coat: Black with brown to mahogany markings on legs.
Size: Dog: 45 to 50 cm. (17.5-19.5 in).Bitch: 40 to 45 cm. (15.5-17.5 in).
Weight: 15 to 20 kg (33-44 lb).

This very old breed is believed to be descended from the scenthounds who inhabited eastern Europe in ancient times. A well known type of hunting dog since antiquity, today's breed was first recognised in the 1870s. The breeds of Brandlbracke (Austrian Black and Tan Hound), Chart Polski, and Magyar Agar (Hungarian Greyhound) are believed to have been used in the breed's background. The etymology of the name seems to refer to the dog's color. The breed club was established in Bratislava in 1988.

This hardy, very courageous dog can follow a scent for hours on end. He has a top-notch nose, is known for his drive, and has a highly developed sense of direction. He hunts wild boar alone. Lively, very independent, and strong-willed, he makes a good guard dog. Although he is affectionate, he is not very well-suited to being a pet. He needs firm training.

A very robust breed. As in all hunting dogs special attention (cleaning) should be given to the ears.

He needs space and lots of exercise. The smooth-haired coat would do well with a regular rubdown with a damp cloth. This breed is an average shedder.

The Slovakian Hound was developed and is used as a hunting dog, not a pet or showdog. It is bred for hunting large game, especially wild boar. Although extremely common in its area of origin, it is rarely seen in other countries. He is similar to other east European scenthounds in appearance and hunting style.

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