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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club
Native Country
Other Names
Italian Hound, Italian Segugio, Segugio Italiano, Shorthaired Italian Hound
Life Expectancy
Approximately 10-14 Years
Litter Size
No Information Available
Breed Group
FCI - Scenthound
Breed Appearance
The Segugio is a square dog, whose length should be equal to its height at the withers. It is fawn-colored or black and tan.

Breed Description
Head: Long. Slightly domed skull. Stop not very pronounced. Large nose. Long, domed nosebridge.
Ears: Triangular, flat, pendulous, pointed at the tips.
Eyes: Large, dark ocher-colored.
Body: Can be inscribed inside a square. Very well-knit neck without dewlap. Moderately wide chest. Well-muscled loin. No tuck-up. Straight, muscular back. Level, well-muscled croup.
Tail: Set on high, hanging in saber fashion. Carried no higher than the back in action.
Hair: Medium in length (under 5 cm), harsh except for on the head, legs, and tail. A shorthaired variety with smooth hair also exists.
Coat: Solid fawn, ranging from dark smoky reddish-fawn to light fawn, and black and tan. Fawn may be accompanied by white markings on the muzzle, skull, neck, lower legs, and tip of the tail, and white flashings on the chest.
Size: Dog: 52 to 60 cm. (20.5-23.5 in).Bitch: 50 to 58 cm. (20-23 in).
Weight: Dog: 20 to 28 kg. (44-62 lb).Bitch: 18 to 26 kg. (40-57.5 lb).

The Italian Hound's origins are quite distant. The descendant of Egyptian scenthounds, he is believed to have been imported to Greece and then Italy, where he might have been crossed with the Roman Molossus. Images of this scenthound can be found in ancient statuary, as well as in Renaissance paintings. By the late nineteenth century, the breed had branched into several varieties, including the Lomellina Hound and Alpine Hound, which were used to develop today’s breed. An Italian Hound won the first European Cup in 1993 in France.

This robust, very hardy, fast, lively, enthusiastic dog with a superb nose works alone or in packs. He is perfectly adapted to the most rugged terrain and hunts hare, fox, and wild boar. He has a resonant, harmonious voice. Although the Italian Hound is independent and not very outgoing, he can be a companion animal. He needs firm training.

Very healthy.

He needs space and lots of exercise and requires regular brushing.

Hunting Dog, Companion Dog.

Horse Herd