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Sabueso Schiller

Sabueso Schiller

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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club
Native Country
Other Names
Chien Courant de Schiller, Schiller Hound, Schillerstovare
Life Expectancy
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Litter Size
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Breed Group
FCI Scenthounds
Breed Appearance
The Schillerstovare is a medium to large sized running hound for hunting fox and rabbits. The coat is harsh and not too short, lying close to the body. The color is black and tan, a tan body with a black mantle on the back. The drop ears are broad and not excessively long, and the long tail is carried on a line with the back when running.

Breed Description
Head: Long, cone-shaped. Well-pronounced stop. Well-developped nose. Lips not pendulous.
Ears: Pendulous, soft to the touch.
Eyes: Hazel.
Body: Long, powerful. Deep chest. Slightly curved ribs. Strong loin. Slightly slopping croup. Straight back.
Tail: Carried straight or loosely in saber fashion.
Hair: Short, strong, glossy. Thick undercoat.
Coat: Black and tan. Black neck, shoulders, flanks and base of the tail.
Size: Dog: 50 to 60 cm (19.5-23.5 in).Bitch: 46 to 57 cm (18-22.5 in).
Weight: 18-25 kg (39.5-55 lb).

This breed has been known since the Middle Ages. The standard was fixed and recognized in 1952, thanks to P. Schiller, the breeder from whom this dog takes his name. Schiller crossed Swedish scenthounds with Swiss, German, and Austrian bloodhounds. The breed is rare outside his native land.

Robust, energetic, and lively, he is the fastest Swedish hound. He hunts hare and fox alone in the snow. He makes a good companion and needs firm training.

No unusual diseases or claims of extraordinary health have been documented for this breed. As with all hunting dogs, the ears should receive special attention.

He needs space and lots of exercise, as well as regular brushing.

Hunting Dog, Pet.

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