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Polish Greyhound

Polish Greyhound

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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club (UKC)
Native Country
Other Names
Chart Polski
Life Expectancy
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Litter Size
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Breed Group
Short-haired Sighthounds - FCI
Breed Appearance
Polish Greyhounds have a short, smooth fur that comes in many colors. The coat is somewhat heavier than a Greyhound's. They have an undercoat that gets thicker in the winter. Polish Greyhounds have a longer brush on the tail and have culottes at the rear of the thighs. The Chart Polski has a smooth double coat, regardless of season, which is harsh to the touch while offering excellent insulation.This Regal canine, is not actually a Greyhound, rather a different breed on its own. While it may seem similar in looks, the Chart Polski standard deems that this dog is much stronger, and less slight, or thin. This is a persistent hunter, with a long muscular neck, unlike the greyhound, and the head is carried high. Large almond eyes are set in a slant, and the points of the hip bones are wide apart. The hind legs move closer together when the dog is moving at a short trot.

Breed Description
Head: Strong, cleanly cut, long. Flat skull. Stop not very pronounced. Strong muzzle and jaws. Lips not pendulous. Nose black or dark in color, depending on coat color.
Ears: Medium-sized, fairly narrow. Tips easily reach the inside corners of the eyes when outstretched.
Eyes: Fairly large, almond-shaped, dark (ranging from dark brown to amber). Edge of eyelids black or dark in color.
Body: Long. Long, muscular, powerful neck. Pronounced withers. Spacious chest. Wide, muscular loin. Tuck-up. Straight back. Gradually sloping, long, muscular, broad croup.
Tail: Long, thick at the base, carried low at rest. Tip must form an upward-curving sickle or a complete ring.
Hair: Fairly hard, neither wirehaired nor silky. Variable in length. Longer on the withers and shorter on the sides of the trunk. Longer on the hindquarters and underside of the tail, forming culottes and a brush.
Coat: All colors are allowed.
Size: Dog: 70 to 80 cm. (27.5-31.5 in).Bitch: 68 to 75 cm (27-29.5 in).
Weight: Approx. 40 kg (88 lb).

The Polish Greyhound is descended from the Asian Greyhound. He is used in Polands harsh climate for hunting hare, fox, roe deer, and wolf.

Polish Greyhounds have some similarities to other sighthounds, in that they are not overly active dogs, unless they have a purpose to be active. Such as when they are running and chasing prey. In other ways they are very unlike the typical sighthound. They can be dog aggressive, due to their being bred to hunt wolves and can be very territorial. They have a strong pack instinct and will not always accept new dogs into their home.

They can be very good guard dogs in the home and they create strong bonds with their owners; in some, this instinct is so strong, they will not accept strangers coming into the home. They enjoy a good exercise regimen, walking them daily is a very good way to do this. They love to run, of course, and if they can no longer be used for actual hunting, (many locations prohibit this) then a decent facsimile would be participating in the performance sports like coursing and racing. Between running activities, they like nothing better than lounging on the couch or bed. They are obedient and easy to train, although they can be stubborn and willfull. This is not the best breed for the novice dog owner. They need early socialization and firm, fair guidance from their owners.

Subject to bloat, and muscle injuries.

He needs space and lots of exercise, as well as regular brushing.

Hunting Dog, Companion Dog.

Horse Herd