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Pointing Griffon

Pointing Griffon

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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club
Native Country
Other Names
Griffon Boulet, Boulet Griffon
Life Expectancy
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Litter Size
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Breed Group
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Breed Description
Head: Bushy appearance. Long, broad, angular muzzle with thick mustache. Blond or brown nose.
Ears: Set on fairly low, pendulous, loosely curled, covered with smooth or wavy hair.
Eyes: Yellow. Thick eyebrows may lightly veil the eyes.
Body: Compact. Neck fairly long. Chest broad and deep. Strong loin.
Tail: Straight, well-carried, without plume.
Hair: Long, fairly silky, smooth or wavy, never curly.
Coat: Dead foliage with or without white markings, but never with large white spots.
Size: Dog: 55 to 60 cm (21.5 - 23.5 in). Bitch: 50 to 55 cm (19.5 - 21.5 in).
Weight: 20 to 25 kg (44-55 lb).

This griffon developed by E. Boulet in the nineteenth century is also called the Pointing Griffon. He is a longhaired pointer resembling a smooth-coated Barbet. The French Woolly-haired Pointing Griffon, which some believe is descended from the Barbet, has long existed in northern France. Boulet improved the breed around 1880 by crossing it, according to some, with pointers, the Poodle, sheepdogs, and other breeds.

Very hardy and somewhat heavy in appearance, the French Woolly-haired Pointing Griffon has a very keen nose and excels in woods and swamps. His coat is perfect protection from cold and harsh weather. He has a limited search range, tracking slowly but methodically.

He is a delightful pet who needs space and exercise, as well as regular brushing and attention to the ears.

Hunting Dog, Companion Dog.

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