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Petit Brabancon

Petit Brabancon

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Breed Organization
American Brussels Griffon Association
Native Country
Other Names
Brussels Griffon, Griffon Belge, Griffon Bruxellois, Belgian Griffons
Life Expectancy
Approximately 12-15 Years
Litter Size
Average 1-3 Puppies
Breed Group
AKC Toy, Terrier
Breed Appearance
They have a look on their face that many say makes them look almost human. Some people say they even remind them of the Wookiee from the movie “Star Wars”. When you see them walk, it is more like a trot. Their head is held high and think they are just the thing! They know who they are and they want you to know it too. They have ears that are high set and their jaws stick out so their lower incisors protrude over the upper jaw and that gives them the appearance of smiling.

Breed Description
Head: Broad and round. Well-domed forehead. Prominent chin. Lower incisors cover upper incisors in an underbite. Hard, tousled hair, long around the eyes, nose, cheeks, and chin. Wide, black nose.
Ears: Very straight, always cropped to a point.
Eyes: Very large, round, black. Eyelids edged with black.
Body: Square build. Chest fairly broad and deep.
Tail: Raised, docked by one-third.
Hair: Brussels and Petit Brabancon: medium in length, hard, tousled, dense.- Small Brabant: short.
Coat: Brussels Griffon: Reddish-brown. Minimal black markings on the mustache and chin are tolerated.- Belgian Griffon: Black, black and tan, and a combination of black and reddish-brown are the only colors allowed.- Small Brabant: reddish-brown and black and tan are the only colors allowed. A black mask is not a fault.
Size: Large variety: approx. 28 cm.Small variety: approx. 24 cm.
Weight: Large: dog: less than 4.5 kg; bitch: less than 5 kg.Small: dog: less than 3 kg; bitch: less than 3 kg.

There are three varieties of small Belgian dogs that differ only in coat type and color:- The Brussels Griffon (Brussels Griffontje) has hair of medium length;- The Belgian Griffon (Belgische Griffontje) also has hair of medium length; and- The Small Brabant (Kleine Brabandere) has short hair.- The Brussels Griffon, the oldest variety, is descended from the Barbet (Belgian kennels). Selection and improvement of the variety began before 1880 in Brussels. Numerous crosses were made with the Barbet (Belgian kennels), griffons (Belgian kennels), the Brussels Griffon , the Yorkshire Terrier, the Pug, and the solid ruby (reddish-brown) King Charles Spaniel. The Brussels Griffon was first shown in Brussels in 1880. The first standard was published in 1883 and modified in 1904. Belgium's Royale Saint-Hubert recognizes the Brussels Griffon and its two varieties, the Belgian Griffon and the Small Brabant. Specimens were first shown in France in 1889, in the city of Roubaix. In 1894, the Central Canine Society created a class for Brussels Terriers. Breeding was interrupted by both World Wars. Great Britain is the country with the highest population of small griffons. In France, the population remains very limited.- The Belgian Griffon was developed by crossing the Brussels Griffon with the Pug and perhaps with toy terriers. The type was set in 1905, and the Central Canine Society recognized it as a distinct breed in 1908. The Belgian Griffon nearly went extinct during World War I. Breeding resumed in 1928, but the Belgian Griffon is the least common of the small Belgian dogs.- The Small Brabant is also descended from a cross between griffons (Belgian kennels) and other breeds, particularly the Pug. The Small Brabant is very uncommon.

Brussels Griffon: Tough, energetic, lively, and merry, this dog is very attached to his owner. He rarely barks, but his vigilance makes him a good little watchdog.- Belgian Griffon: This lively, merry, even-tempered dog is quite tough and vigorous and makes a very good pet. Vigilant and vocal, he makes a good watchdog. He is also a good eliminator of pests.- Small Brabant: This very confident, lively, strong-willed dog is quite intelligent and makes a good pet.These dogs need firm training.

Prone to slipped stifle, eye and respiratory problems. Sensitive to the heat. Not the easiest whelpers; dams often require a cesarean section.

The Brussels Griffon is well-suited to apartment life but does not like being left alone. This very clean dog requires regular brushing and must be groomed every three months to maintain his handsome appearance. He does not tolerate heat well. His eyes must be checked regularly.- The Belgian Griffon can live in an apartment, as long as he gets regular walks. He requires daily brushing and regular grooming. His eyes and the folds on his face must be checked regularly.- The Small Brabant is a very clean city dog. Regular brushing is enough to maintain his wiry coat.


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