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Ovtcharka de Russie Meridionale

Ovtcharka de Russie Meridionale

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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club
Native Country
Other Names
Southern Russian Sheepdog, South Russian Ovtcharka, South Russian Shepherd Dog, Ukrainian Ovcharka, Yuzhak, South Ukrainian Ovcharka, Ioujnorousskaia Ovtcharka, Youzhnorusskya Ovcharka
Life Expectancy
Approximately 10-12 Years
Litter Size
Average 5-10 Puppies
Breed Group
FCI Sheepdogs
Breed Appearance
Robust, lean, with massive bone structure and a strongly developed musculature.

Breed Description
Head: Elongated, with a moderately wide forehead. Slight stop. Large nose.
Ears: Fairly small, drop, triangular.
Eyes: Dark color, oval. Set horizontally in the skull.
Body: Very muscular. No dewlap. Fairly deep, broad chest, slightly flattened on the sides. Belly moderately tucked up. Strong, straight back. Short, broad, rounded loin.
Tail: Long.
Hair: Long (10 to 15 cm), rough, thick, bushy, slightly wavy. Heavy undercoat.
Coat: White, white and yellow, straw, gray, dark gray. White with small gray markings or flecked with gray.
Size: Dog: minimum of 65 cm.Bitch: minimum of 62 cm.
Weight: Approx. 25 kg.

This breed is descended from Asian Molossian types and was later crossed with Borzois to give it a more streamlined silhouette. The breed was officially recognized in the USSR in 1952 and was the first Russian breed to be recognized by the FCI. The Red Army used this sheepdog as a sentry. This breed is still rare outside of its country of origin.

This active dog is robust, strong, and well-balanced. He is well-known for his courage and is distrustful of strangers. This dominant dog is very protective of his owner. Though he can be aggressive, he can be a good companion if he is trained properly.

The South Russian Ovtcharka is generally a healthy breed, but is subject to many of the same complaints as all large, rapidly growing dogs.

This dog needs a lot of exercise. Regular brushing is required.

Sheepdog, Guard and Defense Dog, Pet.

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