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Maltese Lion Dog

Maltese Lion Dog

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Breed Organization
American Maltese Association
Native Country
Central Mediterranean Basin - Italy
Other Names
Maltese, Maltese Terrier, Straight-Haired Bichon, Comforter Dog, Roman Ladies' Dog, Canis Melitaeus
Life Expectancy
Approximately 13-15 Years
Litter Size
Average 2-4 Puppies
Breed Group
Breed Appearance
The breed is famous for its long, cascading snowy white coat, its dark oval eyes with jet-black rims and its gentle yet spirited disposition.

Breed Description
Head: Fairly broad. Flat skull. Very pronounced stop. Straight nosebridge. Thin lips. Large nose.
Ears: Set on high, pendulous, hanging against the sides of the head.
Eyes: Fairly large, dark ocher. Edge of eyelids black.
Body: Long. Withers protruding slightly from the topline. Chest well let-down. Straight back. Very broad and long, nearly level croup.
Tail: Thick at the base and thin at the tip. Forming a single large curve with the tip hanging between the hips and touching the croup.
Hair: Very long on the entire body, completely straight, without waves or curls. Silky. Hair on the trunk should be longer than the height at the withers and fall heavily to the ground. No undercoat. Very long on the head. Hair on the tail hangs on only one side of the trunk.
Coat: Pure white. Pale ivory allowed. Traces of pale orange highlights are tolerated, as long as they resemble soiled hairs, but they are a flaw.
Size: Dog: 21 to 25 cm.Bitch: 20 to 23 cm.
Weight: 3 to 4 kg.

The Maltese is a very old breed with hotly debated origins. This little dog's ancestors hunted pests in the ports and maritime cities of the central Mediterranean. It is certain that this dog or a similar breed existed in ancient Egypt and Greece and later in Rome. The ancient Greek geographer Strabon reported that the Sicilian city of Melita exported dogs called canes meliteris. Even though the Maltese is named after Malta, there is no proof that he is a native of this island. Prized by nobility, he was a favorite of England's royal court under Queen Elizabeth I.

Tough and tireless, the Maltese has the liveliness one would expect of a renowned ratter. He is merry, playful, and animated. Affectionate and very calm, he rarely barks and makes an adorable pet. He needs rigorous training.

Prone to sunburn along the hair parting, skin, eye issues, respiratory, and slipped stifle. Some may be difficult to feed with weak, upset digestion. They may get the chills, and they experience discomfort in hot weather. Maltese should be kept out of damp areas. Also prone to teeth problems. Feeding dry dog biscuits in addition to their normal food can help the teeth stay clean and healthy.

He can live in an apartment and needs little exercise. He does not like being left alone. He requires daily dematting and brushing, as well as regular baths and grooming twice a year. His ears and eyes should be checked regularly.


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