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Breed Organization
Kromfohrlander Club of America
Native Country
Other Names
Kromi, Lander
Life Expectancy
Approximately 16 Years
Litter Size
No Information Available
Breed Group
Breed Appearance
The Kromfohrlander comes in 2 coat variations: wirehaired (Rauhaar) and smooth haired (Glatthaar). The distinction is the presence of a beard on the wirehaired variety and a rather long coat on the smooth haired variety. Therefore the wirehaired resembles a terrier, while the smooth haired looks rather like a toy spaniel. The color is brown/tan/buff markings on a white background with a blaze on the face.

Breed Description
Head: Long, wedge-shaped. Flat skull. Well-pronounced stop. Straight nosebridge. Muzzle fairly rounded near the nose.
Ears: Set on high, triangular with rounded tips, flat, carried flat against the head.
Eyes: Medium-sized, oval, slightly slanting. Dark, ranging to dark brown.
Body: Very slightly elongated. Neck carried high, without dewlap. Moderately wide, deep chest. Slightly well-sprung ribs. Tuck-up. Powerful back. Moderately wide, very muscular, slightly sloping croup.
Tail: Medium in length, thick, carried loosely curved.
Hair: Two varieties: one with rough, wiry hair (more common variety) and one with long, stiff hair. In both varieties, hair is preferably medium in length.
Coat: White ground with light brown markings (various shades of tan).
Size: 38 to 46 cm. (15-18 in).
Weight: Approx. 15 kg. (33 lb).

The Kromfohrlander originated in Germany in the 1940s. It is the only dog breed descended from a military mascot dog. 'Original Peter' was found in France by American soldiers during World War 2. Peter came to Germany with his troop and was lost. He was discovered by Ilsa Schleifenbaum, who developed the breed using various dogs (most likely terrier and griffon type breeds) for 10 years. The Kromfohrlander was first recognized by FCI for showing in 1955. The Kromfohrlander was introduced to America in 1997 by Gene Cummings. The Kromfohrlander was admitted to American Kennel Club's Foundation Stock Service in 2012. The first Kromfohrlanders were exhibited in America in 2013.

Tough, lively, and alert, this sharp-eared hunting dog clearly has terrier blood. Affectionate and obedient, he makes a delightful pet. He is also a very good watchdog.

Epilepsy, cystinuria (buildup of amino acids in the urine), keratosis ('corny feet' known in some terrier breeds) and patellar luxation (knee dislocation). It is a breed with very limited genetics and is very difficult to acquire. Currently, a breeding project, supervised by FCI, to expand Kromforhlander genetics is being operated in Europe.

He can adapt to apartment life but needs lots of exercise. He must be brushed and combed twice a week.

Hunting Dog, Watchdog, Companion Dog.

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