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Breed Organization
Komondor Club of America
Native Country
Other Names
Hungarian Komondor, Hungarian Sheepdog
Life Expectancy
Approximately 10-12 Years
Litter Size
Average 4-7 Puppies
Breed Group
AKC Working
Breed Appearance
The Komondor's coat is long, thick, and strikingly corded white coat, which resembles dreadlocks or a mop. The puppy coat is soft and fluffy. However, the coat is wavy and tends to curl as the puppy matures. A fully mature coat is formed naturally from the soft undercoat and the coarser outer coat combining to form tassels, or cords and will take around two years to form. Some help is needed in separating the cords so the dog does not turn into one large matted mess. The length of the cords increases with time as the coat grows. Shedding is minimal with this breed, contrary to what one might think (once cords are fully formed). The only substantial shedding occurs as a puppy before the dreadlocks fully form. The Komondor is born with only a white coat, unlike the similar-looking Puli, which can be white, black, or sometimes grayish. However, a working Komondor's coat may be discolored by the elements, and may appear off-white if not washed regularly. Traditionally the coat protected the Komondor from wolves' bites, as the bites were not able to penetrate the thick coat. The coat of the Komondor takes about two and a half days to dry after a bath.

Breed Description
Head: Broad. Size in proportion to the rest of the body. Covered with abundant hair. Domed skull. Pronounced stop. Bridge of nose is straight. Very broad muzzle.
Ears: Long and hanging, u-shaped.
Eyes: Oval. Dark color.
Body: Slightly longer than tall. No dewlap. Broad breast. Deep, barrel chest. Broad loin. Short back. Slightly sloping croup.
Tail: Carried hanging down at rest and at the level of the back when in action.
Hair: Long - 20 to 27 cm ( 8-10.5 in) on the rump; 15 to 22 cm (6-8.7 in) on the back, chest and shoulders; 10 to 18 cm (3.9-7 in) on the head, neck and legs. Hair is harsh, corded, and bushy, with a fine, wooly undercoat. At birth, a puppy's coat is made up of soft, fine, curly or wavy white hairs.
Coat: White.
Size: Dog: approx. 80 cm. (32 in).Bitch: approx. 70 cm (28 in).
Weight: Dog: 50 to 60 kg. (110-132 lb).Bitch: 40 to 50 kg (88-110 lb).

This breed is a native sheepdog brought to Hungary around 1,000 years ago by the nomadic Magyars. The Komondor is descended from various Asian sheepdogs, including the Tibetan Mastiff. This dog has long been used to protect the flocks from wolves and bears and to chase away other pests.

It was bred to think for itself and is unusually intelligent. It is extremely affectionate with its family and friends and gentle with the children of the family. Although wary of strangers. The Komondor is a rustic breed that needs vigorous exercise. He is a superb guard dog, protecting the flock and the home with unfailing courage and daring. This dog will fight to the death to protect his owner. When he attacks, it is in determined silence. Particularly firm training is required for this breed.

They are prone to hip dysplasia, bloat and skin problems.

This dog is not suitable as a house dog; he needs space and a lot of exercise. Komondor’s are never brushed. Instead, begin separating the cords with your fingers once the dog reaches the age of eight months. The Komondor should be bathed only once or twice per year.

Sheepdog, Guard Dog, Pet.

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