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Hygen Hound

Hygen Hound

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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club (UKC)
Native Country
Other Names
Life Expectancy
Approximately 10-12 Years
Litter Size
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Breed Group
Breed Appearance
Their heads are triangular, with a broad skull and dark eyes. The ears are wide, the muzzle medium sized and the neck long and clean. They have level toplines and a solid, compact body. The legs are solid and muscular and the feet compact, and they move in a well-balanced, reaching motion. The tail is carried high, but not curled over the back.

Breed Description
Head: Neither heavy nor long, a bit broad. Slightly domed skull. Very pronounced stop. Straight nosebridge. Broad, fairly short muzzle. Tight lips.
Ears: Wide, fairly short, moderately thick. Front edge lying against the cheek.
Eyes: Medium-sized, dark or hazel.
Body: Compact. Strong neck, slight dewlap. Deep, long chest. Loin strong and muscular. No tuck-up. Short, straight, strong back. Long, broad, slightly rounded croup.
Tail: Thick at the base, tapering toward the tip. Carried gaily, but not curled over the back.
Hair: Short, dense, glossy, slightly harsh to the touch.
Coat: Brown or yellowish-red, with or without black shading. Black and tan. The two colors may be combined with white. White with tan and yellow markings or white with black and tan markings. All these colors are of equal value.
Size: Dog: 47 to 55 cm.Bitch: slightly smaller.
Weight: 20 to 25 kg ( 44-55 lb).

This superb hunting dog was named after Hygen, the man who developed the breed in the nineteenth century by crossing the German Holsteiner Hound with other scenthounds. The breed was then crossed with the more lightweight Norwegian Hound. The Hygenhund is rare outside his native country.

This lively breed with great stamina is a distance runner. He can follow a trail to find wounded game. He hunts all sorts of quarry on all kinds of terrain in all types of weather. A fine watchdog, he is also a good companion.

This is a robust breed.

He needs space and lots of exercise.

Hunting Dog, Pet.

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