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Griffon Nivernais

Griffon Nivernais

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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club
Native Country
Other Names
Chien de Pays, Nivernais Griffon
Life Expectancy
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Litter Size
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Breed Group
Scenthounds - FCI
Breed Appearance
The Griffon Nivernais is a medium sized dog, with a distinctive rough (shaggy) coat, long drop ears, and a long tail carried up and in a slight curve. The body is longer than most French hounds, and is constructed more for endurance than for speed. As a reconstructed breed, the breed standard goes into much more detail with regards to body proportions, structure, and coat than is usual for a working dog.

Color of the coat is grizzled in general appearance, light grey to boar grey. The coat is agouti, with each hair darker at the base than the tip. White hairs are scattered through the coat. Colors are fawn very slightly overlaid with black, sable overlaid with black (gris loup, wolf grey), and fawn overlaid with blue. There may be a small white spot on the chest.

Breed Description
Head: Bony, fairly long, lightly boned but not small. Skull nearly flat. Slight stop. Straight nosebridge. Brow bones accentuated by bushy eyebrows. Beard on the chin. Very prominent nose.
Ears: Supple, moderately wide and long, slightly curled toward the tip.
Eyes: Preferably dark.
Body: Long. Neck fairly lightly boned, well-knit, without dewlap. Brisket not broad. Chest let down to elbow. Slight tuck-up. Level loin. Long back.
Tail: Not very long, carried in saber fashion, more tufted in the middle.
Hair: Long, thick, bushy, fairly strong, and hard. Neither woolly nor frizzy.
Coat: Preferably wolf grey or bluish-grey, boar grey, faded black, or salt and pepper, with tan markings on the cheeks, above the eyes, on the inner and lower legs, or fawn with a mixture of black and white hairs, creating a dark cast.
Size: Dog: 55 to 60 cm. (21.5-23.5 in).Bitch: 53 to 58 cm. (21-22.8 in).
Weight: Approx. 25kg (55 lb).

The Nivernais Griffon is one of the very old hound breeds used on wolves. His ancestors include the Chien Gris de Saint Louis, as well as Foxhounds and breeds from Auvergne, Vend�e, and Bresse. Today's Nivernais Griffon was developed in the Morvan and Ni�vre regions of France. A club for this breed was founded in 1925. After a critical period, the Nivernais Griffon has made a comeback and careful selection is improving the breed's structure, speed, and character.

This wolf tracker of old is still a hardy, independent, enthusiastic hunter. Although the breed is now calmer and faster, it is still just as robust. The Nivernais Griffon's superb nose and remarkable voice also explain why he is so popular with hunters. He can be affectionate and a good companion, but he needs a firm owner.

A very hearty and robust breed.

He needs space and lots of exercise, as well as frequent combing and brushing.

Hunting Dog, Pet.

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