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Gos d' Atura Catala

Gos d' Atura Catala

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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club (UKC)
Native Country
Other Names
Catalan Sheepdog, Catalonian Shepherd
Life Expectancy
Approximately 12-14 Years
Litter Size
Average 3-6 Puppies
Breed Group
Group 1 - Sheepdogs - FCI
Breed Appearance
Long and limp and a little curled. Seen from the distance the dog seems to be unicolor and may have lighter shadings at the extremities. Seen close up, it is noticeable that the color comes from the mixture of hairs of different tones : fawn, brown more or less reddish, grey and black. Long, flat, or very slightly wavy, rough with abundant undercoat on the whole of the posterior third of the body. On the head we notice a beard, moustaches, tuft and eyebrows which do not affect the sight. Tail well covered with hair as are all the extremities. It is noticeable that during the moult we observe a typical phenomenon : the moult occurs in two times. First of all it affects the coat on the front part, giving the impression of two halves of dogs with different coats; then it is the turn of the hind part of the dog and everything becomes uniform again.

Breed Description
Head: Strong, slightly convex. Pronounced stop. Straight, short forehead. Cone-shaped muzzle.
Ears: Set on high. Fine leather. Drop, triangular ending in a point. Cropped ears are acceptable for working dogs.
Eyes: Round. Dark amber eyes. Black rims.
Body: Strong with length being slightly greater than height. Deep chest. Ribs well sprung. Straight back. Powerful, slightly sloped croup.
Tail: Attached low. Long or short (maximum length 10 cm). Some varieties are naturally tailless. Docked tail is permitted for working dogs. Hangs in a hook when relaxed. Richly clad with hair.
Hair: Long, flat, and rough. Thick undercoat. Full beard, mustache, forelock, and fall. Seasonal shedding occurs in two stages, beginning with the front half of the body, followed by the back half of the body.
Coat: Color created by a mixture of hairs of various shades – fawn, reddish-brown, gray, black, and white. The base colors are fawn, gray, and sable.
Size: Dog: 47 to 55 cm.Bitch: 45 to 53 cm.
Weight: Dog: approx. 18 kg.Bitch: approx. 16 kg.

This breed came from Catalonia, Spain. It is presumed that he is descended from the ancient Pyrenees sheepdogs. During the Spanish Civil War, the Catalan Sheepdog served as messenger and sentry.

The Catalan Sheepdog is courageous, intelligent, and energetic. His greatest traits shine through when herding; not only is he obedient to the commands of his handler, but he often takes the initiative, directing the sheep with remarkable ease. This brave, alert breed also makes an excellent guard dog. As a pet, he is loyal and gentle with children. This breed is well adapted to living outdoors.

Catalan sheepdogs are prone to hip dysplasia.

While this dog can live indoors, he needs a lot of exercise. Daily brushing is required.

Sheepdog (guard and herder), Guard Dog, Police Dog, Agility Dog, Pet.

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