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Breed Organization
English Foxhound Club of America
Website: English Foxhound Club of America
Native Country
Great Britain
Other Names
English Foxhound
Life Expectancy
Approximately 10-12 Years
Litter Size
Average 5-7 Puppies
Breed Group
AKC - Hound
Breed Appearance
The English Foxhound is a solid, well-built animal with lots of stamina, an essential ingredient in its development. They are stouter and slower than their cousin, the American Foxhound. English Foxhounds are almost entirely used for hunting as they can work for several hours without a break on a variety of terrains. They were bred for speed, enthusiasm, and a good voice for calling to their masters. Thusly, their bark is recognizable from far away. English Foxhounds have excellent endurance, and are able to run for an incredibly long amount of time. They are friendly and kind towards humans, and are especially good around kids. They are not easily trainable, however, and should begin at an early age. They are very enthusiastic about hunting, and will not be called off if they follow a "hot" scent. They have a strong prey drive, and will attempt to hunt anything the size and likeness of a fox. They get along well with other dogs, as they are raised in packs that work together to find prey. They have a solid voice and good attention span. English Foxhounds are lively, strong and noisy. Their pack skills allow them to adapt easily to following a "pack leader", or owner. They enjoy the company of humans, and with training and exercise, can become an excellent family pet.

Breed Description
Head: Well-developed, with a broad skull. Slight stop. Muzzle relatively long.
Ears: Set-on high. Medium, wide, hanging flat.
Eyes: Round, brown.
Body: Built for speed and endurance. Neck long but not thick. Shoulders not heavy. Deep chest and rounded ribs. Well-muscled hindquarters.
Tail: Long, curving slightly inward.
Hair: Short, dense, hard, glossy.
Coat: Tricolor: white and fawn with a black mantle. - Bicolor: white and orangish-fawn.
Size: Dog: 56 to 63 cm (23-25 in).Bitch: 53 to 61 cm (21-24 in).
Weight: 30 to 35 kg.

The English Foxhound was created in the late 16th century, as a result of the perception of the depletion of deer in England. Nobles and Royalty had hunted deer for both food and sport, using the Deerhound or Staghound for this purpose. During the reign of Henry VIII, it was perceived that a new prey was needed, and the fox was selected. The English Foxhound was then created by a careful mixing of the Greyhound, for speed, the Fox Terrier, for hunting instinct, and the Bulldog, for tenacity in the hunt.

During the British Raj, English Foxhounds were imported to India for the purpose of jackal coursing, though due to the comparatively hotter weather, they were rarely long lived. Foxhounds were preferred for this purpose over greyhounds, as the former was not as fast, and could thus provide a longer, more sporting chase.

Studbooks for the English foxhound have been kept since the 18th century. Breeding lines and the work of people involved in breeding hounds is extremely important in the continual development of this working breed. Puppy shows are important events in the hunting calendar and allow the local hunt followers and visiting hound breeders to examine the latest generation from the hound pack.

The hounds were meant to trail foxes and live around horses. They are still used for those purposes.

This robust, courageous, tireless, speedy dog with a fighting spirit can cover 6.5 km in 8 minutes and maintain a swift gallop for hours on end. With a relatively weak nose and voice, the English Foxhound always stays in sight of his quarry. His unique specialty in England is fox, but in France he hunts wild boar and deer. He is very skilled in the water. He is not really a companion dog. He needs a firm owner he can accept as the leader of the pack.

No serious genetic faults. The English Foxhound is a rather healthy breed.

For a pack of dogs in the country, kennel life is best. Apartment life is not ideal. The English Foxhound does not like to be alone or idle. He requires regular brushing.

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