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Epagneul Japonais

Epagneul Japonais

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Breed Organization
Japanese Chin Club of America
Native Country
Other Names
Japanese Chin, Chin, Japanese Spaniel, Spaniel Japones
Life Expectancy
Approximately 10-12 Years
Litter Size
Average 1-3 Puppies
Breed Group
Breed Appearance
Its distinctive expression is characterized by a large broad head, large wide-set eyes, short broad muzzle, ear feathering, and evenly patterned facial markings.

Breed Description
Head: Relatively large, broad, and flat. Broad, rounded skull. Pronounced stop. Very short, wide nosebridge. Nose at eye level.
Eyes: Large, round, well-spaced, shiny black.
Body: Square build. Neck fairly short, carried high. Moderately wide chest. Slightly well-sprung ribs. Pronounced tuck-up. Broad, slightly rounded croup. Short, straight back.
Tail: Carried on the back, covered with long, abundant hair.
Hair: Long, straight, silky. The entire body except the foreface is covered with abundant hair. Abundant feathering on the ears, neck, thighs, and tail.
Coat: White with black or red markings. Preferably, markings are distributed symmetrically around the eyes and on the ears, and over the entire body. A wide, white flare from the muzzle to the top of the head is especially prized.
Size: Approx. 25 cm.
Weight: 2 to 6 kg.

Ancestors of the Japanese Chin were given to the Japanese court in 732 A.D. by Korean royalty. In the following century, many of these dogs were brought to Japan. In the nineteenth century, Japanese Chins were exported to the United States and England, where Queen Victoria owned one. In 1882, several Japanese Chins were shown in New York. Currently, this little companion dog is very widespread.

Very tough, lively, alert, and somewhat rambunctious, the Japanese Chin is very attached to his owner. Merry, affectionate, and gentle, he rarely barks and is a pleasant companion. He is mistrusting of strangers but not snappy. He needs rigorous training.

Prone to eye issues, respiratory problems, heat prostration and distemper. Tend to wheeze and snore.

He is a very clean apartment dog. He requires daily brushing and cannot tolerate intense heat. His ears and eyes must be checked regularly.


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