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Cao de Castro Laboreiro

Cao de Castro Laboreiro

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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club
Native Country
Other Names
Portuguese Cattle Dog, Dog of Castro Laboreiro, Castro Laboreiro Livestock Guarding Dog
Life Expectancy
Approximately 11-13 Years
Litter Size
No Information Available
Breed Group
Flock Guardian
Breed Appearance
The desired appearance for which the Cao de Castro Laboreiro has been bred is somewhat wolflike in outline. It is a large dog, but not oversize. Coat colors are also described in wolf terms, dark wolf color, light wolf color. Most breeders prefer what is considered the most authentic, called mountain color also described as similar to the coat of a wolf. The mountain color is a mixed light and dark grey interspersed with individual hairs (not spots) that are brown (called pine-seed) or dark red (called mahogany), in a brindle.

Breed Description
Head: Medium size, dry, no wrinkles. Stop not pronounced. Long, b, straight nose bridge. Powerful jaws.
Ears: Medium size, slightly thick, almost triangular with rounded tips, drop.
Eyes: Set obliquely in the skull. Medium size. Light brown color in light-coated varieties and dark brown in dark-coated varieties.
Body: Rectangular. Short neck without dewlap. Broad, deep chest. Broad, short, muscular loin. Croup slightly sloped. Narrow through the belly.
Tail: Thick and bushy, carried in the shape of a saber, reaching the hock joint.
Hair: Thick, coarse, short, 5 cm (2 in), harsh, close-lying, and smooth. No undercoat.
Coat: Wolf gray most common. Any shade of gray, with or without a black mask; brindle.
Size: Dog: 55 to 60 cm. (21.5-23.5 in).Bitch: 52 to 57 cm. (20.5-22.5 in).
Weight: Dog: 30 to 40 kg. (66-88 lb).Bitch: 20 to 30 kg. (44-66 lb).

The Cao de Castro Laboreiro is one of the oldest breeds on the Iberian peninsula. Springing from the village Castro Laboreiro, this typical Portuguese breed is widespread in the region bordered by the Minho and Lima rivers between the Peneda and Suajo mountain chains in northern Portugal. The Cao de Castro Laboreiro, a mastiff, protects herds from wolves. He is also used as a guard dog and police dog.

This robust, loyal, docile breed is affectionate, calm, and even-tempered. Constantly on the alert, this dog's great courage and wariness of strangers make him a superb guard dog. Firm training is required.

Health issues specific to the breed have not been documented.

The Cao de Castro Laboreiro needs exercise and room to run. Regular brushing is required.

Herder, Guard Dog, Police Dog, Pet.

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