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Canaan Dog

Canaan Dog

Canaan Dog
Breed Organization
The Canaan Dog Club of America
Native Country
Other Names
Kelef K'naani, Kaleb Kanaani, Kaleb Canaan, Canaanite Dog, Dog of Canaan
Life Expectancy
Approximately 10-13 Years
Litter Size
Average 4-6 Puppies
Breed Group
AKC Herding
Breed Appearance
The Canaan dog is a typical primitive dog in appearance. It is a medium-sized square built dog, with a wedge-shaped head, medium-sized, erect and low set ears with a broad base and rounded tips. Its outer coat is dense, harsh and straight of short to medium-length. The undercoat should be close and profuse according to season. Color ranges from black to cream and all shades of brown and red between, usually with small white markings, or all white with color patches. Spotting of all kinds is permitted, as well as white or black masks.

Breed Description
Head: Moderate length. Skull neither domed nor flat. Stop not pronounced. Muzzle of moderate length and width. Powerful jaws. Tight lips.
Ears: Short, fairly wide, slightly rounded tips. Wide set low on the head. Carried erect.
Eyes: Almond shape. As dark as possible. Dark rims.
Body: Square body outline. Straight neck. Pronounced withers. Moderately broad chest. Ribs well sprung. Belly well tucked up. Arched loin.
Tail: Medium length. Bushy. Carried over the back.
Hair: Short to moderately long. Straight, harsh texture. Dog has a ruff. Undercoat varies with the seasons.
Coat: Tawny to reddish brown, white or black, black, white and brown, with or without mask.
Size: 50 to 60 cm (19.7-23.6 in).
Weight: 18 to 25 kg (39.7-55.2 lb).

This very ancient breed originated in Canaan (modern day Israel). It was the result of crosses of various half-wild pariah dogs from regions of Northern Africa and the Near East. Selective breeding of the Canaan Dog began in the 1930s. It has been used as a messenger and rescue dog in the army. The Canaan Dog was only recently recognized by the American Kennel Club. The breed is also being developed in Europe.

This rustic, lively dog has great endurance. He forms a strong bond with his owner and is very gentle with children. The Canaan Dog is extremely vigilant and wary of strangers. He is a good defense dog, though is not naturally aggressive toward humans. This breed is aggressive with other dogs. Firm training is required.

This is a generally healthy breed.

The Canaan Dog needs exercise and space to run. Regular brushing is required.

Herder, Guard Dog, Utility dog: Army Dog, Guide Dog, Pet.

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