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Braque du Bourbonnais

Braque du Bourbonnais

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Breed Organization
United Kennel Club
Native Country
Other Names
Bourbonnais Pointing Dog
Life Expectancy
No Information Available
Litter Size
Average 4-8 Puppies
Breed Group
Group 7 Pointing Dogs - FCI
Breed Appearance
Medium sized, short-haired “Braque” type (“braccoid”), medium proportions tending towards brachymorphic type, of robust build, compact and muscular. He gives the impression of strength and power, without excluding a certain elegance. The silhouette of the female is less stocky and more elegant.

Breed Description
Head: Solid. Rounded skull. Slightly pronounced stop. Straight or slightly curved nosebridge. Strong, cone-shaped muzzle. Solid jaws. Nose the same color as the coat.
Ears: Hanging along cheeks, minimally curled, reaching slightly past the throat when outstretched.
Eyes: Large, hazel or dark amber, depending on coat color.
Body: Can be inscribed inside a square. Very open, muscular neck, slight dewlap tolerated. Pronounced withers. Broad, long, tall chest. Well-curved ribs. Loin short and broad. Flank flat, slight tuck-up. Back short, fairly level. Rounded, moderately sloping croup.
Tail: Set on fairly low, naturally short. Tail should be either absent or short (no longer than 15 cm)(6 in).
Hair: Short, fine, dense. Somewhat thicker and sometimes longer on the back.
Coat: Chestnut with patching, heavily to moderately spotted, hairs relatively mixed. As a whole, the coat may have a pale lilac cast.- Fawn with patching, heavily to moderately speckled, hairs closely mixed. As a whole, the coat mayhave a pale peach cast. Colored markings on the head, whether symmetrical or not, are allowed only ifthey are unobtrusive and if both eyes are not in the same spot.
Size: Dog: 51 to 57 cm (20-22.5 in).Bitch: 48 to 55 cm (19-22 in).
Weight: Dog: 18 to 25 kg (40-55 lb).Bitch: 16 to 22 kg (35-48,5 lb).

The Bourbonnais Pointing Dog was already known in the sixteenth century as a skilled quail hunter. He was described as hardy, born with a short tail and sporting a white coat speckled with fawn or covered or dotted with pale chestnut spots. The breed was fairly popular in the early twentieth century, but the two World Wars nearly spelled its end. A breed club was founded in 1925. Currently, breeders are working toward the survival of the breed.

Hardy, not very fast and with a keen nose, the Bourbonnais Pointing Dog adapts easily to any terrain and to a wide variety of quarry. An excellent tracker, he points precisely and is known as a specialist in partridge and woodcock. Gentle and affectionate, he is a wonderful companion. He needs firm but gentle training.

Hip dysplasia is an issue within the breed.

He needs space and exercise. If he lives in the city, he needs several daily outings. He requires regular brushing and checking of the ears.

Hunting Dog, Pet.

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