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Bleu d'Auvergne

Bleu d'Auvergne

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Breed Organization
Federation Cynologique International (FCI)
Native Country
Other Names
Auvergne Pointing Dog
Life Expectancy
No information available.
Litter Size
No litter information available.
Breed Group
Pointing Dogs
Breed Appearance
Rectilinear, of medium proportions. Robust dog, strongly boned, but without heaviness, showing a characteristic Braque type, lightness in its gait, with elegance enhanced by the coat and harmonious proportions. Its conformation predisposes it to cover long distances with a supple-action, permitting it to maintain its activity the whole day on the most difficult terrains.

Breed Description
Head: Long. Broad, slightly domed skull. Stop not very pronounced. Fairly long, straight nosebridge. Fairly large lips.
Ears: Set on low, fairly long and curled, framing the head well.
Eyes: Medium in size, dark hazel. Black eyelids.
Body: Well-built, can be inscribed inside a square. Neck fairly long and b, slightly arched with a slight dewlap. Chest well let-down. Rounded ribs. Short, slightly arched, and well-muscled loin. Short, straight back. Broad, bony croup, minimally sloping.
Tail: Of medium thickness, carried level to the ground. Docked by about two-thirds.
Hair: Short, not too fine, never hard, glossy.
Coat: Light: white with black blotches and a fair amount of spots.- Dark: called "smoky", produced by a mixture of white and black, with the more abundant black giving a smoky grey cast to the coat. The color to seek is white with bluish-black blotches, fairly numerous black spots. The head should have regular black markings such that both eyes are surrounded by black. White or blue flare.
Size: Dog: 57 to 63 cm (22.4-24.8 in).Bitch: 55 to 60 cm (21.7-23.6 in).
Weight: 22 to 25 kg (48.5-55 lb).

The Auvergne pointer is a very ancient breed, present in the Cantal region for more than two centuries. Descending from a multi-pointer common source, derivation has been made by a selection to which the Knights of Malta might have participated. Created by and for hunters, it has a strong identity reinforced by its coat.

Known for his incredible hardiness, energy, and speed, his active dog can adapt to almost any environment. He has an excellent nose and is a good pointer and retriever. Prized for wood-cock hunting, he also specializes in partridge. He is kind and easygoing, although a bit stubborn, and makes a gentle, affectionate companion. He needs firm but gentle training.

No health information available.

He can adapt to city life as long as he gets a daily walk. He needs regular brushing and checking of the ears.

Hunting Dog, Companion Dog.

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