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Native Country
United States Of America
Other Names
York Chocolate
Life Expectancy
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Litter Size
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Breed Appearance
The York is a medium to large cat with a rounded head and a moderately long muzzle. They have large, almond-shaped eyes that are either gold or green. Their bodies are slender and mid-way between the Oriental and foreign types, with long necks. The cats have full, tapered tails, tufted feet, and sometimes ruffs. The coat is semi-longhaired and very fine.

Breed Description
Head: Nearly round. Rounded skull. Slightly domed forehead. Moderately long muzzle. Nose without break. Chin in line with tip of nose.
Eyes: Fairly large, well-spaced, slightly oval, lemon-shaped. Color: gold to green.
Neck: Long, thin.
Body: Long, midway between Oriental and foreign types. Should not be heavy. Fine-boned with slender muscles.
Paw: Long and fine-boned with firm muscles. Small, rounded paws. Long hairs between the toes.
Tail: Long, thin, straight, tapering to a slender tip. Well-furnished.
Coat: Semilong, fine, soft, silky hair. Very fluffy tail. May have a ruff. Color: solid chocolate, solid lilac, and these same colors in a bicolor version. Kittens are much lighter than adults. Tabby markings and tipping are acceptable up to 18 months.
Fault: Head too Oriental in type. Weak chin. Oriental-type eyes. Heavy body. Disqualify: white spots or lockets.

A brown-coated city dweller This new breed created in the United States is named after New York City and its brown coloring. The first York Chocolate kittens were born to housecat parents in the 1980s on Janet Chiefari's farm in New York state. The father was a longhaired black cat, and the mother, also longhaired, was black and white. The old-type Siamese ancestors of both parents contributed the chocolate gene.

These lively, energetic cats are good hunters. Playful and affectionate, they are good companions.

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