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Sri Lankan Cat

Sri Lankan Cat

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TICA Executive Office
Website: http://www.tica.org
The Cat Fanciers' Association
Website: http://www.cfainc.org

Native Country
Southeast Asia
Other Names
Gatto de Ceylon, Ceylon
Life Expectancy
No Information Available
Litter Size
No Information Available
Breed Appearance
In the United States this is a very rare breed so little or no information is available.

Breed Description
Head: Medium in size and dimensions. Slightly rounded skull and rather flat forehead. Gently rounded cheeks. Moderately short nose with slight nose break. Chin not strong.
Eyes: Rather large and set at a slight angle. Upper line is almond-shaped and lower line is rounded. Dark rims.
Color: Yellow-green
Body: Medium size, compact and muscular. Well rounded chest. Fine boning.
Paw: Medium in length. Forelegs are shorter than hind legs. Well muscled. Round paws.
Tail: Moderately short, broad at the base and tapering to a rounded tip.
Coat: Short, fine, and silky. Sparse undercoat.

A natural breed originating in Sri Lanka In 1984, Dr. Paolo Pellegatta brought the first six "Gatto di Ceylon" specimens into Italy. The cats came from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), an island located southeast of India. A breeding and selection program is currently underway to fix breed type. The Ceylon has grown rapidly in popularity in Italy. A Friends of the Gatto di Ceylon Club was formed in 1988.

Simple care.

No health information available.

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