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Native Country
United States Of America
Other Names
American Shorthair
Life Expectancy
Aproximately 15 years or longer.
Litter Size
No Information Available
Breed Appearance
The American Shorthair, our native shorthair breed, is one of the most adaptable breeds for any type of household; for a single person living alone, the American is an excellent companion; for a senior citizen the American is a calm, devoted pet; for a family with children, the good natured, playful American, known to be excellent with children, fits right in; for a busy household, the non-demanding American keeps itself entertained, ready for the time they have for relaxation. Apartment living suits them as well as a house. One of the natural breeds, the American Shorthair is a medium size cat, muscular with a firm, well-balanced body.

Breed Description
Head: Broad and rounded; medium in size. Moderately convex rise from the bridge of the nose to the forehead. Definite jowls in mature males. Square, not overly short muzzle. Medium length nose. Square, firm chin. Strong jaws.
Eyes: Medium to large, round and set well apart. Outer corners set slightly higher than inner corners. Color appropriate to coat color.
Neck: Medium in length, muscular and strong.
Body: Medium to large in size. Slightly longer than tall, not elongated. Broad chest, particularly in mature males. Well-developed shoulders. Medium boned and powerfully built.
Paw: Medium in length and heavily muscled. Paws are medium in size and rounded.
Tail: Medium in length, heavy at the base and tapering to a rounded tip. Carried nearly in line with the back.
Coat: Short, thick, and glossy, lying close to the body. Thick undercoat in winter. All colors permissible except chocolate, lilac and colorpoint.

This even-tempered European immigrant is an excellent hunter The American Shorthair's counterpart is the British Shorthair and the European Shorthair. Early immigrants arrived in the United States with cats that adapted well to the harsh climate of the northern states. This breed is the result of selectively breeding common "alley cats" with other imported breeds, such as the British Shorthair, Burmese, and Persian. In 1904, the C.F.A. registered the first American Shorthair - Buster Brown, a male smoke descended from a British Shorthair. This breed was called American Shorthair until the 1960s, when the breed was officially recognized as the American Shorthair in 1966. The F.I.Fe. does not recognize the breed. The American Shorthair is rare in Europe. The breed is highly prized in Japan and very popular in the United States.

This calm, easygoing cat adores its owner. The American Shorthair is playful, athletic, and very social. This hardy, solidly built cat reaches puberty early (around seven or eight months of age). Care is simple. Weekly brushing is sufficient, but should increase to daily during shedding season. An American Shorthair should be bathed three to seven days prior to a show.

American Shorthair's are known as a very hearty breed "low maintenance".

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