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Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex

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Native Country
United States Of America
Other Names
Poodle Cat
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Breed Appearance
The Selkirk Rex is an easy-going relaxed cat that resembles a soft, stuffed toy that you just want to pick up and hug. One of the rexed breeds, they have a tousled disarray to their dense coats that leads makes them look as though they are having a bad hair day! Sometimes called the cat in sheep's clothing, these gentle cats bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart just like that favorite toy did when you were young. These plush-coated, medium-sized cats with solid boning and bodies fill your arms when you pick them up for a quick hug and cuddle.

Breed Description
Head: Medium-sized, round, and broad. Skull with a gentle curve. Round forehead. Full cheeks in both sexes. Short, angular muzzle. Hooked nose, slight stop. Curly whiskers and eyebrows. Heavy jaws.
Eyes: Large, round, well-spaced. Even color corresponding to that of the coat.
Neck: Short, thick.
Body: Moderately long, rectangular, stout, heavy. Muscular and strong boned.
Paw: Moderately long. Medium to strong bone and muscle structure. Large, round paws.
Tail: Moderately long, thick, with a rounded tip.
Coat: Thick coat with well-separated curls that are especially numerous on the neck and tail and cover the entire body. No hairless areas. Thick undercoat. The curliness of the coat varies with the climate, seasons, and hormonal condition, especially in females. Kittens are born curly-coated. The curls relax and reform around 8-10 months. The coat continues to develop until the age of two. Shorthaired and longhaired varieties. All colors are recognized, with clearly defined shades being preferred. White lockets are allowed.

Curly-coated like a Poodle or sheep In 1987 in Wyoming, a cross between a flat-coated female and a curly-coated male produced a curly-coated female named Miss DePesto of NoFace, who was adopted by Jeri Newman, a breeder of Persians in Montana. In 1988, Miss DePesto was crossed with Photo Finish, a black Persian, and gave birth to three curly-coated kittens. Later bred to one of her kittens, she again produced three curly-coated offspring. Jeri Newman named this new breed after the nearby Selkirk Mountains. This spontaneous mutation is caused by a new dominant gene different from other curly-coated genes. While the Devon Rex resembles E.T., the Selkirk Rex looks more like a Poodle. Popular in the United States, the Selkirk Rex appeared in Europe in 1990 and is still rare.

This active cat with a debonair, calm character gets along well with other cats and with dogs. The playful Selkirk Rex is an excellent companion for children. Gentle and affectionate, Selkirks are very pleasant to live with. They adapt well to apartment life. They need minimal grooming. Light brushing twice a month is enough. They should be bathed several days before a show.

No health information available.

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