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Nuclear Sclerosis

Issue Description
Nuclear Sclerosis is a consistent finding in dogs greater than seven years old. Nuclear sclerosis appears as a bilateral bluish-grey haziness at the nucleus, or center of the lens, caused by an increase in the refractive index of that part of the lens due to its increased density.
Other Names
Lenticular Sclerosis

Nuclear sclerosis is an age-related change in the density of the crystalline lens nucleus that occurs in all older animals. It is caused by compression of older lens fibers in the nucleus by new fiber formation. The denser construction of the nucleus causes it to scatter light.

It is often confused with cataracts. The condition is differentiated from a cataract by its appearance and by shining a penlight into the eye. With nuclear sclerosis, a reflection from the tapetum will be seen, while a cataract will block reflection.

Treatment for this condition is not recommended.

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